Friday, July 04, 2008

Joseph Smith Background Reading

There has been a lot of press recently about the Joseph Smith Papers Project. A few summers ago I was privileged to work on the Project. Among other things, I transcribed Hyrum Smith’s diaries. It was a very rewarding experience. I was going through my papers today and came across some documents from when I worked on the Project. Among the papers was a list of articles and books all the research assistants were asked to read in order to provide a very basic background on Joseph Smith, his life and teachings, and the environment around him. I do not believe the list is confidential (some of the things I worked on I was asked to keep confidential and will continue to do so) and thought some of my readers would be interested in a list of things to read.

I have previously posted a list of Church related books I personally recommend. This list will have some of the same books. The following list is dated January 6, 2003. Certainly the list would be a bit different today, most likely including Bushman’s Rough Stone Rolling. Also, one of the more recent editions of BYU Studies has an excellent chronology of the life of Joseph Smith.

From the Encyclopedia of Mormonism:
History of the Church
c. 1820-1831, Background, Founding, New York Period
c. 1831-1844, Ohio, Missouri, Nauvoo Periods
Joseph Smith-History
Smith, Joseph
The Prophet
Writings of Joseph Smith
Smith Family
Kirtland Economy
Kirtland Ohio
Kirtland Temple
LDS Communities in Jackson and Clay Counties
LDS Communities in Caldwell and Daviess Counties
Missouri Conflict
Nauvoo Economy
Nauvoo Politics
Nauvoo Temple
Zion’s Camp

Jessee, Dean C., Editor. The Papers of Joseph Smith, Volumes 1 & 2
General Introduction
Joseph Smith Chronology
Introduction to Volume 1
Introduction to Joseph Smith’s Journal (in Volume 2)

Backman, Milton V., The Heavens Resound

Jessee, Dean C., Editor. Personal Writings of Joseph Smith

Remini, Robert V. Joseph Smith

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